The gripping situation of Ukraine!

I just need to get this off my chest – someone please save Ukraine, Ukrainian people and especially its President. Before it’s too late! I mean all over the world people are talking about this. Countries are banishing the action of Russia, putting sanctions from almost everywhere, people are helping with everything they can. But they are not literally stopping it! This might just delay it or it might make some difference. However Putin is not going to stop until he kills the president, such a horrific thought. As a human being it just blows my mind to think about the people stuck in war. Think about that president, who is positive and definitely making history. Still he doesn’t know what will happen next . Surely Ukraine is courageous, fighting hard. If i were in their place , and someone would have attacked me , I would be giving a tough fight to them. But I am scared for them , being positive is a different thing than being practical. I am not saying by any means that they will defeat, courage never gets defeated! It’s the strongest force. But merely by talking and giving help is not enough at this moment, where several lives are at stake. Do something – other countries and leaders – before it’s too late. God forbid if anything happens to the president, u all will regret , not taking hard actions when u can. Oh god pls save #zelensky. I pray for you like Every other person who is watching this catastrophe. We are with you Ukraine.


What to do in Lockdown No #3 

Same things, which you thought u will do in first lockdown, which u thought u will do many years back as a new year resolution!! Ufff again this resolution word doesn’t go well with me. So, what to do… I have so many things in mind but don’t know where to start. Let’s plan this…  

First write all the things you want to do without giving a second thought. Then try to minimize it to what’s important and you can’t ignore it. Then think about the things which is practically possible for you according to your scenarios. Finally, after all the things you wrote, segregate those things in compartmentalized form. Like health wise, social, personal and professional.  

I will give you an example without making it more complicated: 


  1. Walking at least 10,000 steps a day 
  1. Drinking water 8 glasses a day 
  1. Do exercise/ Yoga 


  1. Instagram 
  1. Blogging 
  1. Youtube 


  1. Become independent (mentally – financially) 
  1. General knowledge. 
  1. Book reading daily. 
  1. 2022 is very personal. I owe myself a lot. 


  1. Language learning 
  1. Digital marketing 
  1. Psychology  
  1. Share market 
  • Improve Math, learn French, update Current affairs, computers and don’t pay heed to emotions… 

Like this you can make your own list. Going by this method I think it’s clear your mind. In star marking * you can add your extra notes. But try to keep it precise and try not to add more than 5 items in each category. Best wishes..

Learnings from the year -2021

It has been the most eye-opening year for me. You know that you are a good human being so whatever you are doing or talking is good. Despite of that, bad things do happen. People anyways judge you. They
misinterpreted you and even misbehave with you. Sometimes you get sad and sometimes get angry.
And you always ask God about why these things keep on happening with you. When will it stop? You have always heard that people get good and bad days ..alas but those good days don’t seem to come..
So, something or the other bad things keep on happening and I keep on crying and asking God to pls stop it …what did I do wrong? And boom I felt like God answered! You know in last few months I have reached to my extreme crying (Bcuz few things keep on happening and I can’t take the hurt now), lost many people and realized many things. It felt like God is making my way clear for the path.
As earlier I have mentioned, when you are good, you think you are doing everything good. But sometimes when you are super sad, nothing works for you, u get eager to find the solution Bcuz escaping situation and people are not in your option. And you get in the vicious circle of thinking and
sometimes you stuck in a loop of behavior, reaction, action or situation. This loophole doesn’t mean you have done a mistake. Maybe you were right in your situation but unfortunately for some people life doesn’t give you the privilege to do anything you want or for the matter even behave casually. You must be precise. You are always on the Fireline, no matter how hard you try.
So, the learning is first accept your situation and find whatever happiness you can get in that situation. If you are stuck in your home or office, find the smallest of thing which can give slightest of smile or satisfaction. For example, at home cleaning after kitchen cool off my mind no matter how tired I am or if you are in office, taking a small bathroom break gives little bit of freshness to mind. Try this. And second learning is kept on going in life… trust me how worst it feels to you currently. You will find your solace even in smallest thing someday. If you keep on traveling in your path, you might surprise yourself one day. You never know when something gets click…

Letter to friend: Process from grief to glory


Few months back I was talking to my friend who is going through some tough times in her life. Since she was far away from me I couldn’t talk with her in person. So I have decided to write her a letter. Though I am not an expert in dealing with such stuff but yeah I have had some fair share of pain-filling ; unfortunate occurrences in my life. Everyone experience something or the other. But sometimes people don’t want to talk, share or show.
So as I was writing to her to make her feel comfortable and to tell that – you are not alone! I wanted to share same thoughts here also, in a hope that it might make someone else feel fine.

Dear Friend,

I know it’s a hard time and seems like never ending to you. I know what you are going through and how these things take time to settle. Everyone has their own way to handle the process of pain and u can’t skip any one step if u really wants to get over with it. By steps means ..
Starting from that initial blank feeling of what is happening to you then to its actually happening with you. Be it that grief part where you pretends to be strong but every night u cry with all your emotions and with all the memories.. till u Re-live all the past things and decides that it’s enough. Be it you you move on with your life without knowing the feeling of what u r actually feeling and what to do with it. But anyway u live it and eventually get past of all those emotional baggage and gradually started living it more with an understanding that this too shall pass…And life is more than that! Keep moving and living u will reach to the actual purpose of your life…Trust me.
And then one day you can proudly say that you conquered somehow the worst days of your life…

food for thought-1

From now on I will write some thoughts worth sharing for our intellect to grow! If something is described as providing food for thought, it’s worth seriously thinking about or considering.

“Your passion will always create a beautiful experience”

As I was going through some stuff to add something in my blog, this thought came in front of me. This is so surreal, we all are reading and writing our blog for some hobby, passion and as a career turn it into some miracle to work for us.
I instantly connect to it.


More then 30 years went by… and I am still stuck in the past.. same emotions, same feelings, that same crying and crying over things.. all the time.. I always stuck on one thing.. That person doesn’t understand what I was saying, he/she dint listen to me.. They misunderstood me..they are not seeing what I am trying to tell and etc etc.. and plus I am not good in explaining ..this is another problem all together.. all the time I am complaining about the same thing.. and then I expect it to end.. but how it will end?!? This will not end the way I am doing..there is nothing wrong in what I am doing but alas, its not working and I tried and tested from all these years…

Now what.. I have to find a solution to really get over it..To end this vicious circle..

If I really look into it ..all I am doing is just complaining ..all my feeling, actions, emotions and reactions are completely depends on he or she. How the other person behaves with me, treats me, understand or misunderstand me..all my life is depends on that only.. and then I blame others.. I know people crave for love, partners, togetherness.. but is it really my life is all about!! I am nothing on my own.. if people doesn’t treat me the way I expected them to be.. my life will end…NO! I am more than this..This is not me…I am not all about others.. !!

Everyone is important and I am also important for me. I have my own life, my own individuality. I cant always cry for others actions of how they behave with me. I am here to leave my own mark, My own identity. I have got one life. I have to make the most out of it. I want to do many things before I die.. so lets start.. why to waste more time talking and thinking .. Let’s do it now-

2019 Wish list

  • Done talking..Talk less!
  • Don’t get offensive on everything.
  • Be less emotionally expressive.
  • Have patience…give time to things.
  • Times doesn’t remain the same..good or bad.
  • Be creative.. Be active..
  • Do something with your life (Professionally)
  • Learn something- make the difference.
  • Break your habits. Don’t repeat.
  • Focus and follow your to-do list.
  • Be calm and be smart.